Minimal Relationalism, Structuralism and the Grasp of Spatial Properties
Farid Masrour (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Farid Masrour (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

December 11, 2020, 10:00am - 11:30am
Faculty of Philosophy, Oxford University

United Kingdom


Oxford University
Sun Yat-Sen University
University Tübingen
University of Oslo

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We are pleased to invite you to a talk by Farid Masrour (Wisconsin) on Dec. 11th, 10 AM EST/3PM GMT: 

Minimal Relationalism, Structuralism and the Grasp of Spatial Properties


Minimal relationalism is the view that perceptual experiences are constituted by three-place relations between subjects, ways of perceiving, and object-property complexes. Under minimal relationalism, although external objects and properties enter the constitution of perceptual experience, they only make a causal contribution to its phenomenal character. The phenomenal character of experience is grounded in ways of perceiving. This talk develops a specific version of minimal relationalism by providing a structuralist account of the ways of perceiving associated with spatial properties. I then show that the view can account for the role of experience in providing us with a grasp of spatial properties. 

The talk is part of Perceiving Properties in a World of Objects' seminar series. To obtain the zoom code for the talk or information about other acitvities within the Project, you can visit:

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December 11, 2020, 10:00am BST

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