Reference, Conceptual Change, and Free Will

August 9, 2013 - August 13, 2013
University of San Francisco

San Francisco
United States


Manuel Vargas
University of San Francisco

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Keynote Speaker: Shaun Nichols (Arizona) "Free Will and Error"

The aim of this conference* is to assemble a small group of philosophers to discuss in-progress work on issues connected to reference and/or conceptual change as it pertains to free will and moral responsibility. (A 'conference*' is something very much like a conference, but not necessarily corresponding to all the significant or even the essential features of widespread conceptions of a conference.) The aspiration is to have a small, workshop-ish event.    

Contact: [email protected]  

Seating will be limited, so for those interested in attending but not presenting, please contact the organizer in advance.

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