CFP: On Conditionals - Semiotic Studies (Studia Semiotyczne)

Submission deadline: September 1, 2021

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Journal: Semiotic Studies (Studia Semiotyczne)

Special Issue: On Conditionals


If one tried to indicate a claim shared by all philosophers of conditionals, this would be a thesis that a proper understanding of conditionals is of great importance. Any other philosophical statement concerned conditionals seem to be a subject of disagreement. Thus, philosophers argue on:

-what conditionals are in the first place – are they propositions or acts of assertions?

-what is the difference between indicative and subjunctive conditionals (if there is any)?

-should each type of conditionals have its own theory, or is it possible to provide a single one for both indicatives and subjunctives?

-should we consider all subjunctive conditionals with impossible antecedents to be vacuously true?

-what is the proper semantics of conditionals?

-how to solve pragmatics puzzles of conditionals (e.g., Sobel sequences)?

-how philosophical works on this subject relates to the results of psychology or linguistics?

-what is the proper methodology for the analysis of conditionals?

While these are not novel questions, it is fair to say that they do not have established answers.

The special issue of Studia Semiotyczne aims at exploring the issue of conditionals by bringing together approaches, methods, and perspectives from semantics, pragmatics, metaphysics, and different relevant fields. Accordingly, we would like to invite papers that propose novel answers to the above questions or discuss those that already have been formulated.

In order to submit the paper one is kindly asked to:

1/ submit the manuscript by sending it to: [email protected]

2/ send the copy of the paper (along with a brief info about the author(s)) to guest editors:

[email protected]

Deadline for submissions:

the 1st of September 2021

All submitted papers will be double-blind peer reviewed.

All accepted papers are will be published in open access. 


Studia Semiotyczne (Semiotic Studies) is a journal founded in 1970 by Jerzy Pelc, who was its Editor-in-Chief up until 2015. Between 1970 and 2015 Studia Semiotyczne was published non-periodically. In December 2015 Studia Semiotyczne was formally transformed into a six-monthly published simultaneously in print and on the Internet. The journal publishes papers that fall on the borderline between philosophy and semiotics and in particular, in the fields of philosophy of language, general theory of signs, applications of semantic methods in philosophy, philosophical aspects of linguistics, philosophical aspects of psycholinguistics and cognitive science, semiotic aspects of philosophy of mind, philosophical consequences of metalogic and the theory of formal languages, analysis of the language of philosophy and philosophical argumentation, and history of ideas in semiotics and logic.

Studia Semiotyczne is published by Polskie Towarzystwo Semiotyczne (The Polish Semiotic Society). The guidelines for submitting manuscripts to the Editors, the legal and ethical aspects of the publication, and review procedures used by the Editors are described in detail in the "For Authors" section of the website:


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