CFP: Special issue on Technology and the Media Environment of the Information Society

Submission deadline: June 21, 2021

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Technology and Language is a new peer-reviewed, open-access, professionally produced online journal. It invites interdisciplinary explorations at the interface of technology and language. The launch issue will appear in December 2020 with programmatic contributions from philosophy of technology, linguistics, engineering, cultural and museum studies, history of technology, art history, literature and theatre studies:

Chief science editor: Alfred Nordmann

This is a call for papers for the special theme of the 2021-issue of Technology and Language

Technology and the Media Environment of the Information Society
(Deadline: June 21st, 2021)

Social networks and communication systems, new modes of reading and
writing, the hybridization of symbolic codes stand for the disruptive
effects of digital and cyber-technologies on practices of communication
and expression not only in the internet but also in traditional media.
We invite contributions to interdisciplinary investigations of human and
social prospects, the past and future of language, in this technological
Possible topics include 
1) nudging, disinformation, and technologies for the manipulation of behavior and consciousness in digital environments, 
2) the digital language of intelligent environments, 
3)  information technologies in social engineering environments and technocracies, 4) cognitive technology and sociolinguistic practice. (/editor: Olga Shipunova/)

Contributed papers on any topic within the scope of the journal are also welcome.

Queries, suggestions, and submissions can be addressed at any time to
[email protected]> or to Daria Bylieva [email protected]

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