CFP: CFP: Special issue on Understanding Action in a Technical Condition

Submission deadline: September 21, 2021

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Technology and Language is a new peer-reviewed, open-access, professionally produced online journal. It invites interdisciplinary explorations at the interface of technology and language. The launch issue will appear in December 2020 with programmatic contributions from philosophy of technology, linguistics, engineering, cultural and museum studies, history of technology, art history, literature and theatre studies:

Chief science editor: Alfred Nordmann (Institut für Philosophie, Technische Universität Darmstadt)

This is a call for papers for the special theme of the 2021-issue of Technology and Language

Understanding Action in a Technical Condition
(Deadline: September 21st, 2021)

The philosophy of technology and language meets theories of action. Actions are understood in reference to reasons and causes which are formed in a social setting. The hermeneutics of action takes on a further dimension, however, when technical agency and technological activity are brought into play. Of particular interest are the symbols and tools of labor as knowledge is translated into action. Another focus is on technology and semiosis or the technical generation of the signs and sign systems that structure and constrain action – especially interesting and problematic in the age of self-learning technical systems. (Guest editor: Alexander Nesterov)

Contributed papers on any topic within the scope of the journal are also welcome.

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