CFP: Integrating Semiotics Resources in Communication and Creativity: Young Researchers Workshop

Submission deadline: December 15, 2011

Conference date(s):
June 26, 2012

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Conference Venue:

Catholic University of Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal

Topic areas


The LCM V Young Researchers Workshop is a satellite event of the LCM V conference, aimed at graduate students and junior scholars conducting theoretical or empirical research in language and communication including, but not limited to cognitive, social, affective, embodied and/or cultural perspectives. The workshop aims at providing a forum for presenting results and foster interaction and debate in the context of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Young researchers in anthropology, biology, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, semiotics, semantics, discourse analysis, cognitive and neuroscience are invited to share, and thereby enrich, their study of human natural language and communication. A specialist’s comment on each accepted contribution makes the workshop a unique opportunity to receive expert feedback.

Contact: Roberto Bottini - [email protected] 

Abstract specifications:
1 page, 400 words, single-spaced, font size 12 pt, Times New Roman, 2.5 cm margins on all sides. Diagrams must fit in the page.
Heading should include:
- Title of the paper
- Author(s) name
- Author(s) affiliation
- E-mail address of principal author

Deadline for abstract submission: Dec 15, 2011

Abstracts for Young Researchers Workshop presentations should be submitted to: 
[email protected]

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