Beyond Adverbialism: A New Non-Relational Theory of Perceptual Experience
Laura Gow (University of Antwerp, University of Liverpool, Cambridge University), Laura Gow (University of Antwerp, University of Liverpool, Cambridge University), Laura Gow

March 17, 2021, 8:00am - 10:00am
Rice University

United States

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Rice University

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What::Laura Gow, “Beyond Adverbialism: A New Non-Relational Theory of Perceptual Experience”
When :: 17 March, 12 noon in Houston, 17h in Liverpool
Where :: "Premise1")


Non-relational views of perceptual experience are currently enjoying a resurgence of popularity, largely due to their ability to account for illusions and hallucinations without relying on non-physical entities. Contemporary non-relational views are modelled on adverbialism. They therefore face an objection originally made by Frank Jackson which is almost universally regarded as constituting a refutation of the view. I argue that Jackson’s well-known objection, and the existing responses to it, have focused too closely on the controversial terminology adverbialists introduced to reflect the underlying nature of perceptual experience. This preoccupation with the adverbialist’s terminology has been a distraction from a more central concern: whether adverbialism, and non-relationalism more generally, can provide a successful account of the nature of perceptual experience. I argue that once we direct Jackson’s objection explicitly onto the adverbialist’s metaphysical proposal, we find that contemporary adverbialists and non-relationalists are unable to respond convincingly. We need a new non-relational account. I sketch an outline of a new theory, and motivate the view by explaining how it can respond successfully to Jackson’s challenge.

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