Global Consciousness

May 4, 2021 - May 6, 2021
School of Humanities, Rice University

United States

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Rice University

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This 3-day online conference features each day two speakers from a specific world region. (Note that hours on the second day differ from the first and third days, to accommodate speakers from Asia-Pacific.) The conference is sponsored by Rice University's School of Humanities.

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The passcode is "Premise1." It's the same link for all 3 days.

Tuesday May 4th: The Americas

Session 1 (11h in Houston/12h in NY/17h in London/18h in Rome)

Susanna Siegel (Harvard), “The Phenomenal Public”

Session 2 (12h30 in Houston etc.)

Santiago Echeverri (UNAM), “The Double Life of (Perceptual) Object Representations”

Wednesday May 5th: Asia-Pacific

Session 3 (18h in Houston/19h in NY/midnight in London, 1am (+1) in Rome)

Daniel Stoljar (The ANU), "Imagination and Perspective"

Session 4 (19h30 in Houston etc.)

Lu Teng (NYU Shanghai), “The Epistemic Insignificance of Phenomenal Force”

Thursday May 6th: Europe

Session 5 (11h in Houston/12h in NY/17h in London/18h in Rome)

Anna Giustina (Liège), “Inner Acquaintance Theories of Consciousness”

Session 6 (12h30 in Houston etc.)

Martine Nida-Rümelin (Fribourg), “Reintroducing the Experiencing Subject”

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