Attention and Consciousness

June 13, 2013 - June 14, 2013
Institute of Advanced Study, Durham University

Cosin's Hall
Palace Green
Durham DH1 3RL
United Kingdom

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Ned Block
New York University

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Speakers: Ned Block (NYU), Bob Kentridge (Durham), Catherine Tallon-Baudry (UPMC), James Stazicker (Reading).

Whilst consciousness has seemed to many to be so utterly baffling that it was best left to philosophers to address, attention has until recently been studied almost exclusively by the empirical sciences and (with a few exceptions) has not really been addressed by philosophers. Now this is changing, and an interesting and fruitful dialogue has recently opened up between philosophers and empirical scientists.

All of these researchers are turning their efforts toward understanding consciousness and attention together, rather than attempting to tackle them separately. It is this interdisciplinary dialogue that this conference hopes to contribute to.

Thursday 13th June

1.15-2.45-James Stazicker (Reading)
2.50-3.30- Kevin Reuter  (Bochum)
3.45-4.25- Henry Taylor (Durham)
4.40-6.15-Ned Block (NYU)

Friday 14th June

9.15-9.55- Emile Thalabard (Université Paris Sorbonne)
10.00-11.30-Catherine Tallon-Baudry (UPMC)
11.45-1.15-Robert Kentridge (Durham)

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