CFP: /Philosophies/ Special Issue: Turing the Philosopher: Established Debates and New Developments

Submission deadline: January 15, 2022

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Dear Colleagues,

Alan Turing carried out groundbreaking research in several fields, including mathematics and theory of computability, cryptography, computer science and artificial intelligence, and computational biology. His philosophical work was also pioneering, although perhaps less well-known—with the exception of his famous imitation game for testing intelligence in machines. In this Special Issue, we focus on Turing the philosopher.

Examples of Turing’s philosophical work are his research on computation, the foundations of mathematics, the nature of mind, and machine intelligence—and there are more examples of explicitly and implicitly philosophical work in his writings.

We are seeking (1) discussions of the implications of Turing’s philosophical work for established debates, philosophical and scientific; and (2) fresh perspectives on the philosophical significance of Turing’s writings. The overall goal of this Special Issue is to position Turing’s philosophical work amid state-of-the art research today.

Prof. Dr. Diane Proudfoot
Mr. Zhao Fan
Guest Editors


  • Alan Turing
  • artificial intelligence
  • computability
  • cryptography
  • history of computing
  • imitation game
  • philosophy of logic
  • philosophy of mathematics
  • philosophy of mind
  • theoretical computer science

Please contact the Guest Editors or Special Issue Editor Clyde Cui at [email protected] for further information.

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