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Dear Colleagues,

Affectivity is conceptualized in a variety of ways making the emotional landscape especially insightful for a great variety of philosophical issues. Since emotions and feelings are present in almost every aspect of life it is not surprising that the different theoretical proposals for emotions, feelings, moods, and sentiments have a great variety of applications in many different areas of philosophical research. Importantly, the philosophy of emotions is inevitably linked to the question of what it means to do philosophy, and each philosophical reflection is inescapably tied to specific philosophical commitments.

This Special Issue aims to capture some of the ways in which the emotional landscape is pertinently insightful for philosophical issues. Showing how the philosophical analysis of emotion illuminates a great variety of philosophical topics such as the nature of the mind, intentionality, on meaning in thought and language, on understanding of the self, on the notion of rationality, on aesthetic quality of experience, and so on.

Papers can address the following topics (though not limited to these):

  • What the nature of emotion reveals about intentionality and the nature of the mind.
  • How a philosophy of emotion points to a reconceptualization of rationality and reasonableness.
  • How emotions are part of processes of decision-making and deliberation, and their role in argumentation.
  • What insights emotion theory provides for a better understanding of analogical thinking and metaphor.
  • What the social sphere reveals about the nature of emotion
  • What the personal and biographic experience of emotion uncovers about the self and intersubjectivity.
  • How the reflexive and layered nature of emotion can provide further complexities for the emotional landscape.
  • How feelings, emotions, moods, and sentiments interfere and mold perception, thinking, and imagination.

This issue will provide reflection in two directions. First, it will be concerned with showing how the philosophy of emotions contributes to an understanding of the philosophical activity. Second, it will simultaneously show how it raises important issues, distinctions, and reflections for Emotion Theory in general. Thus, the topics will deal with Specific Issues in the philosophy of emotions and its insights for philosophy and specific areas of philosophical research, while at the same time, they will reflect on how to better understand emotional phenomena.

Dr. Dina Mendonça
Guest Editor


  • affectivity
  • mind
  • emotions
  • feelings
  • moods
  • consciousness

Please contact Guest Editor Dr. Dina Mendonça or Special Issue Editor Viktor Ćirković at [email protected] for further information.

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