2021 Conference of Consciousness Research Network (CoRN)

July 7, 2021 - July 9, 2021

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Monash University

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2021 Conference of Consciousness Research Network (CoRN)

Conference dates: 2pm-6pm on July 7-9, 2021 (GMT+9 Tokyo Time)

Conference program: https://www.conresnet.org/program.html

Zoom registration link: https://www.conresnet.org/registration.html

Consciousness Research Network (CoRN) is a network that aims at connecting researchers in the fields of philosophy, neuroscience, psychology, cognitive science, biology, and related fields to deepen our understanding of the nature of consciousness. It also seeks to facilitate collaborations on interdisplinary projects. The 1st and 2nd conferences of CoRN were held in Taipei (November 2017) and Okazaki (January 2019).

2021 CoRN conference program (GMT+9 Tokyo Time)

Day 1: Wednesday, July 7th Chair: Ryota Kanai 
2:00-4:00: 3 talks: 

  1. Kengo Miyazono (Hokkaido University, Japan), “What do we want from a scientific explanation of consciousness?” 
  2. Ying-Tung Lin (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan), “Memory and retrospective reports of totally selfless states of consciousness”
  3. Amit Chaturvedi (University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong), “Reconsidering the ‘memory argument’ for reflexive awareness”

4:20-5:40: 3 talks: 

  1. Sze Chai Kwok (Duke Kunshan University, China), “Functional, anatomical and behavioral profile of metacognition” 
  2. Yudian Cai (East China Normal University, China), “Functional and cortical morphometric basis of metacognitive introspection in Old World monkeys (Macaca mulatta)”
  3. Yunxuan Zheng (East China Normal University, China), “Posterior parietal cortex neurons distinguish memorized past from what is perceived as reality”

Day 2: Thursday, July 8th Chair: Lu Teng
2:00-4:00: 3 talks: 

  1. Acer Chang (Araya, Inc., Japan), “Can we know if we are living in a simulation? From information closure theory of consciousness to scientific discovery of the universe”
  2. Juan Chen (South China Normal University, China), “Differential representation of ‘toolness’ and the elongated shape of tools revealed by continuous flash suppression and backward masking”
  3. Wen Fang (Institute of Neuroscience, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai,China), “Statistical inference of body representation in the macaque brain”

4:10-4:40: Poster discussion (Mediator: Yudian Cai)

Presentations of posters are made through videos: YouTube
Please feel free to leave questions or comments for the poster presenters under their videos. 
Three of our poster presenters (*) will have 10 minutes each to interact with online audiences in this session. 

  1. Shiling Cai (Zhejiang University, China)*
  2. Xiao Hu (Beijing Normal University, China)*
  3. Qian Chu (New York University Shanghai, China)*
  4. Adam Safron (Indiana University Bloomington, United States)
  5. Xiaoyu Ke (Washington University in St. Louis, United States)

4:50-6:00: Keynote speech:

Tim Bayne (Monash University, Australia), “The unity of consciousness and theories of consciousness”

Day 3: Friday, July 9th Chair: Sze Chai Kwok
2:00-4:00: 3 talks:

  1. Tony Cheng (National Chengchi University, Taiwan), “Consciousness, attention, and reason”
  2. Raja Rosenhagen (Ashoka University, India), “Intrepid internalism”
  3. Pengmin Qin (South China Normal University, China): “The brain hubs related to consciousness”

4:20-5:40: 2 talks

  1. Vishal Kapoor (Max Planck Institute, Germany), “Neural activity in the primate prefrontal cortex during changes in conscious visual perception”
  2. Kris Goffin (Birkbeck, University of London, England), “Feeling is believing: recalcitrant emotion & Spinozan belief formation” 

6:00-7:00: Round table discussion (Chair: Ryota Kanai, Ying-Tung Lin)

Local organizing committee:

  • Lu Teng (New York University Shanghai)
  • Sze Chai Kwok (Duke Kunshan University)
  • Ryota Kanai (Araya, Inc., Japan)
  • Acer Chang (Araya, Inc., Japan)

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July 7, 2021, 2:00pm JST

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