Consciousness & Reality

March 17, 2022 - March 19, 2022
Rice University

United States

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Rice University

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Conference program:

17 March

9 David Builes (Princeton), “To Be is to Experience ”
10:30 Helen Yetter Chappel (Miami), “Idealism and the Best of All (Subjectively) Indistinguishable Worlds”
2 Michelle Montgue (UT-Austin), “Consciousness and Logical Form”
3:30 Galen Strawson (UT-Austin), “Materialist Idealism”

18 March

9  Jim Pryor (UNC), “Doxastic Skepticism”
10:30 Avery Archer (GWU), “What is Agnosticism?”
2 optional visit to the Menil Collection

19 March

9 Anna Giustina (Liege), “Inner Acquaintance Theories of Consciousness”
10:30 Logan Wigglesworth (Rice), “Moral Understanding and Affective Grasp”
3 Michelle Liu (Hertfordshire), “Revelation and the Appearance-Reality Distinction”

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