The Annual New Orleans Philosophical Society Graduate Conference at Tulane University

March 11, 2022

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Eastern Washington University


Tulane University
Tulane University
Tulane University

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The graduate students of the Tulane University Philosophy Department are hosting the Annual New Orleans Graduate Philosophy Conference on 11th March 2022 via Zoom.

Our keynote speaker will be Terrance MacMullan of Eastern Washington University (

There is no attendance fee. Please RSVP using the PhilEvents page. Send all inquiries to [email protected]

-- Conference Schedule -- 

11th March 2022

Please join us starting at 9.40 am (CST) for coffee and chats!

Morning session

10 – 10.45am

Phenomenology of Nonnative Speaking: Completing A Van

Parijsian Account of Global Linguistic Justice --Yener Cagla Cimendereli, Syracuse University

10.50 – 11.35am

An Account of Four Types of Value and Three Types of Moral

Reasons Relevant in Procreation Ethics -- Natalie McCosker, University of California, Davis

Break - 10 min

Afternoon session 1

11.45 – 12.30pm

Should We Continue to Use Traditional Racial Terms? Answering the Semantic Normative Question of Race Negatively -- Dylan Goldman, University of California, Davis

12.35 pm – 1.20pm

The Insufficiency of Representation: Putting Hacking inTension with van Fraassen -- Ryan Powers, Ohio University

Lunch - 45 minutes

Afternoon session 2

2.05 – 2.50pm

Representational De/lationism: Eliminativism or Anti-Naturalism? -- Jerome Romagosa, University of California, Davis

2.55 – 3.40pm

The Act/Sequence Puzzle of Abortion: Disaggregating and Moral Necessity -- Kida Lin, University of Oxford

Break - 20 minutes

Keynote Presentation

4 – 5pm

“Moving in Two Directions at Once: Reconstructing the Habits of Whiteness Amidst the Boring Apocalypse.”

-- Dr. Terrance MacMullan, Professor of Philosophy and the Chair of the Department of English and Philosophy at Eastern Washington University

-- Zoom Link --

Topic: Tulane Graduate Conference

Time: Mar 11, 2022 09:40 AM Central Time (US and Canada)

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March 11, 2022, 9:00am CST

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