ECTA 2013 European Conference on Theory of Action. Reasons for Action and Praxiology - Broadening the Borders

June 12, 2013 - June 14, 2013
Dept. of Social Sciences / Institute of Philosophy, Adam Mickiewicz University

D.S. Jowita
Zwierzyniecka 7
Poznań 60-813

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All speakers:

Michał Barcz
University of Warsaw
Mateusz Bonecki
Adam Mickiewicz University
Joaquim Borges Gouveia
University of Aveiro
Robert Brecher
University of Brighton
Bolesław Czarnecki
Jagiellonian University
Tadeusz Czarnecki
Jagiellonian University
Francesco Forlin
Perugia University
Magnus Frei
University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Wojciech Gasparski
Kozminski University
Zachary Goldberg
Arizona State University
Carl Humphries
Jesuit University Ignatianum
Piotr Makowski
Adam Mickiewicz University
Yoann Malinge
Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
Fritz McDonald
Oakland University
Ewa Nowak
Adam Mickiewicz University
Adam Mickiewicz University
Ranjan Panda
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
Stefano Papa
University of Vienna
Miguel Ángel Quintanilla
University of Salamanca
Irina Rotaru
Apollonia University
Arabinda Sahoo
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
Henrique Pires Santos
Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra
Gerhard Seel
Universität Bern
Cristinel Ungureanu
Apollonia University
Andrzej Wiercinski
University of Freiburg
Marta Zaręba
University of Warsaw


Mateusz Bonecki
Adam Mickiewicz University
University of Warsaw
Krzysztof Nowak
Adam Mickiewicz University

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ECTA 2013


Reasons for Action and Praxiology – Broadening the Borders


June, 12-14th 2013

Poznan, Poland


Web address:


WOJCIECH GASPARSKI (Kozminski University, Poland)

TIMO AIRAKSINEN (University of Helsinki, Finland)

GERHARD SEEL (University of Bern, Switzerland)

BOB BRECHER (Brighton University, United Kingdom)

Theory of reasons for action has been one of the most important areas of research in practical philosophy for over a half century, but mainly in English-speaking cultural area. Still, it is a dominant approach to the theory of action today.

Praxiology – a general theory or study of efficient action (with a seminal work of Tadeusz Kotarbinski from Warsaw-Lvov School) – is another important type of investigation on the field of practical philosophy. It also has quite a long tradition, but has been popular mainly in Poland and France.

While these two types of investigation of action are equally important, there has never been either a philosophical ‘battle’ or ‘cooperation’ between reasons for action theorists and praxiologists. It seems, that the researchers of both types of inquiry have so far not entered into dialogue to get a better understanding of the nature of action.

The most basic goal of this strongly interdisciplinary conference is to offer a small contribution to such communication. We invite praxiologists, reasons for action theorists, theorists of practical rationality and practical philosophers to exchange ideas and communicate. This will help to grasp a fuller understanding of the differences and similarities between various types of reflection on action. The conference will offer insights into the understanding of action in philosophical, social and cultural aspects.


-  the nature of reasons for action: problems of contemporary debate,

-  praxiology and ‘the grammar of action’ – old and new tasks,

-  types of reflection on action, the methodology of action theories,

-  connections and dependencies between theories of reasons for action and praxiology,

-  similarities and differences in understanding action in terms of praxiology and reasons for action theory,

-  theories of reasons for action and praxiology in the face of individual and collective action,

-  theory of action and the (philosophical) picture of an agent,

-  reasons for action and emotions,

-  planning theory and praxiology

-  philosophical theories of action and other sciences (psychology, sociology, neurosciences, ethics, management science, economics),

-  differences between theories of action and cultural relativism,

-  social aspects of theorizing action,

-  praxiology and pragmatism,

-  theory of rationality and theory of action,

-  efficient action, rational action, and moral action.

Selected conference papers will be published as a collection of edited papers in Praxiology: The International Annual of Practical Philosophy and Methodology Series

Conference dates: June 12-14th 2013

Extended CFP deadline: March 31st 2013

CFP decision: by April 15th 2013

Registration deadline: April 31tst 2013




Organizer: Team in cooperation with Adam Mickiewicz University


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June 11, 2013, 12:00pm CET

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