CFP: Citta: Ashoka University's Philosophy Journal.

Submission deadline: March 13, 2022

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Following the successful publication of the first volume of Citta: Ashoka University's Philosophy Journal, we are inviting submissions from undergraduate and master’s students. 

Citta (चित्त, /t͡ʃɪ'tə/)in Pali and Sanskrit connotes intention, heart, consciousness, intellect. While the exact meaning is hotly debated, the Pali texts characterize it as neither an entity nor a process. One thing is clear — citta is “manifold, various, and diverse.” (Harvey, 1995)

Akin to the sense of the word, we want Ashoka’s student-run,peer-reviewed journal to serve as a platform for the dynamic potential of undergraduates and master’s students, especially across South-Asia.

We are inviting abstracts and drafts for the second volume of Citta, which is scheduled for publication in April 2022. We are excited to announce that for this volume, we are inviting both undergraduate and master’s to submit their abstracts and drafts in philosophical research and discussion.

General Submission Details:

  • Abstracts should be between 200-300 words. 

  • Drafts should be between 2,500-3,500 words (including in-text citations and footnotes, excluding bibliography). 

  • The deadline for submission of abstracts and drafts is 11.59 PM on 13 March 2022, Sunday.

Please fill out the interest form linked to the CFP. We will reach out with the form to submit your paper to us via email. 

Kindly follow the submission guidelines for the submission of abstracts and drafts. You are expected to meet the formatting requirements sketched in the guidelines before submitting your abstract or paper. 

For any queries or clarifications, please reach out to us at [email protected]

We look forward to reading your abstracts and drafts!

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