Philosophical Problems of IT and Cyberspace

April 26, 2012 - April 27, 2012
Department of Philosophy, Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University

Kalinina str., 9
Pyatigorsk 357500

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The major scientific sectors and themes suggested for the conference:


I.                   Fundamental problems of information and communication systems (philosophical aspect):

  1. Philosophy of mathematics and artificial intelligence.
  2. New logical means of intellectual systems.
  3. Intellect, brain activity and programs: informational models of consciousness.
  4. Programmer’s world view and the essence of programming: new philosophy or a socio-economic order.
  5. The problems of computability of  language processes and artificial intelligence.
  6. Specificity of Internet communication.
  7. Information and time.
  8. Information and sense.
  9. Algorithmization of the processes of thought.
  10. New forms of character relations in the cyberspace.
  11. Base of Web-semiotics.
  12. The philosophy of science and technology of  instantaneous access.
  13.  Citation index and plagiarism: sad love story.
  1. Ontological dimension of sense in the cyberspace.
  2. Methods of sense formalization in Web-semantics.
  3. Cyber-reality and formalization of processes of cognition.
  4. The instruments of cognition of semiotic virtual reality.
  5. Resources of codification and sense formalization in the modern intellectual systems.

II.                Freedom in the modern media-content:

  1. Technologies’ and humanities’ roles in the manipulating of consciousness in the cyberspace.
  2. Existential issues of cyber-subject.
  3. Religion, faith and cyberspace.
  4. Freedom of conscience and subconsciousness chaos.
  5. Digital world: freedom or addiction?
  6. Post-modernism in the technological dimension.
  7. Life on a flash-card: digital graves and right for oblivion.
  8. Philosophy and values of modern information culture.
  9. The problem of sacral in media-reality.
  10. Media consumption. Media subject. Communicant.
  11. Publicity as the overvalue.
  12. Interaction of social network services with social political institutions.
  13. Philosophy of informational society: new look on the role and the place of social relations regulators.
  14. New philosophy of the rights and freedom of creative works. Intellectual property in the cyberspace.


             III.   Network security of the information society:

  1. Image of “Matrix” in the everyday life.
  2. Revolution of machines (myth or reality). Cyber-eschatology.
  3. Cyber-aesthetics in modern subcultures (animation, cyberpunks, post-apocalypse).
  4. Image of cyber wars: hackers, cybersquaters, lummers, system administrators.
  5. Aggressive content: ethics, business, state management and social control system.
  6. State institutes and their network realization.
  7. Sects’ popularization in the network.
  8. The problem of delinquency on the Internet.
  9. Technological and humanist ways of struggle against network delinquency.
  10. Analysis of blogosphere’s “behavior”.
  11. Visual ecology.
  12. The phenomenon of media-violence.
  13. Internet-addiction.

 Conference active languages: Russian, English.

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April 5, 2012, 7:00am MSK

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