Philosophy of Religion Incubator II

May 25, 2022 - May 27, 2022
Princeton University Center for Human Values Project in Philosophy and Religion

United States

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Princeton University
Princeton University
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Philosophy of Religion Incubator II Schedule

Sessions will last 45 minutes: a 15-20 minute presentation of the project by the speaker, followed by q&a for the balance of the session. There will then be a 5 minute break following sessions. General interest sessions will be held on May 25 and May 27. Joint sessions with the Philosophy in the Islamic World Incubator will be held on May 26. Attendees are encouraged to attend all sessions, but welcome to attend as many or as few sessions as they desire. 

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May 25, 2022

930 AM EDT

“Adorno’s Theological Thinking”

Rachel Rosner Kontorovich

Bar-Ilan University

1020 AM EDT

“Believing Rightly, Wondering Rightly”

Christopher Willard-Kyle

University of Glasgow

1110 AM EDT

“Willing and Nilling: Two Ways to Manifest Free Will”

Daniel De Haan

Oxford University

1200 PM EDT

“Berkeleyan Immaterialism and the Identification Stage”

Todd DeRose

Ohio State University


145 PM EDT

“Can We Have a Cross-Cultural Perfect Being Theology?”

Davide Zappulli

University of British Columbia

235 PM EDT

“Affliction and Abandonment, Divine Absence as Divine Grace”

Megan Fritts Cabrera

College of St. Scholastica

325 PM EDT

“What is in a Text?”

Lucas Oro Hershtein

University of York

415 PM EDT

“Faith as All-Domain Allegiance”

Joshua Mugg

Park UniversityMay 26

930 AM EDT

“The epistemic value of arguments and theodicies in natural theology”

Ataollah Hashemi 

Saint Louis University

1020 AM EDT 

“The Epistemological Turn in Islamic Philosophy: The Theological and Scientific Motives of Ash'arite Anti-Essentialism.”

Bilal Ibrahim 

Providence College

1110 AM EDT

“Divine and human love in Ibn Sina.”

Elena Comay del Junco 

University of Connecticut

1200 AM EDT 

“A Problem for Avicenna’s Account of Divine Simplicity and Freedom.”

Ferhat Taskin 

Indiana University – Bloomington


145 PM EDT 

“A Hidden Argument for Double Agency in Ibrahīm al-Madhārī’s Gleam of Light?”

Scott Doolin 

University of Chicago

235 PM EDT

“Religious Universalism: Kant & Ibn Arabi.”

Seniye Tilev 

Kadir Has University, Istanbul

325 PM EDT 

“Sovereignty and Possession: Baqillani and Bodin.”

Doha Tazi-Hemida 

Columbia University

415 PM EDT

“Socrates and Madness of Perfection in Alfarabi’s The Philosophy of Plato”

Yidi Wu 

Boston University

May 27, 2022

930 AM EDT

“What’s Sacred to a Sacred Clown?”

Drew Chastain

Loyola University New Orleans

1020 AM EDT

“The Concept of God in the Bhagavad Ghita”

Ricardo Silvestre

Federal University of Campina Grande

1110 AM EDT

“Interreligious Dialogue and War”

Tomasz Laskowski

University of Warsaw

1200 PM EDT

“Narrative and Theological Meaning Making in Mental Disorder”

Kate Finley

Hope College


145 PM EDT

“Evil, the Multiverse, and Absolutely Everything”

Daniel Berntson

Rutgers University

235 PM EDT

“Social Groups: A Buddhist Approach”

Li Kang

Washington and Lee University

325 PM EDT

“Reconceiving Spinoza’s Dogmatism”

Jacob Zellmer

University of California-San Diego

415 PM EDT

“God and Lewisian Metaphysics: A Match Made in Heavens”

Scott Hill

University of Innsbruck

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May 24, 2022, 11:45pm EST

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