Language, Logic and Mind

September 16, 2013 - September 18, 2013
Department of Pedagogy, Psychology, Philosophy , Universita di Cagliari


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Emma Borg
Reading University
Greg Restall
University of Melbourne
Sarah Sawyer
University of Sussex

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Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy (SIFA)

The third Italian graduate conference in analytic philosophy, promoted by the SIFA Steering Committee, aims at improving the interaction among young scholars and researchers in philosophy, both from Italy and elsewhere, to discuss the new trends in the following areas: Philosophy of Language and Metaphysics, Logic and Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mind and Epistemology.


Monday 16th September 2013
Aula Motzo, first floor

10:00-10:45    Registration and coffee
10:45-11:00     Welcome and Introduction

11:00-12:15    Language - Keynote speaker: Emma Borg (University of Reading), The Empirical Evidence for Semantics: What Can it Tell Us and Why?

12:15-14:30    Lunch

Session A, Aula Motzo – Philosophy of Language and Metaphysics
14:30-15:15    Mark Pinder (University of Bristol), Borg’s Minimalism and the Liar Paradox
15:15-16:00    Diana Mazzarella (University College London), “Optimal Relevance” as a Pragmatic Criterion. The Role of Epistemic Vigilance

Session B, Aula 6 – Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind
14:30-15:15    Davide Bordini (University of Milan), Phenomenal Intentionality: Transparency Is not Enough
15:15-16:00    François Kammerer (Université Paris-Sorbonne), Conscious Experiences as Ultimate Seemings: Renewing the Phenomenal Concept Strategy

16:00-16:30    Coffee break

Session A, Aula Motzo – Philosophy of Language and Metaphysics
16:30-17:15    Serena Maria Nicoli (University of Turin), Williamson on the Psychological View. A Criticism
17:15-18:00    Dan Zeman (Institut Jean Nicod, Paris), Temporalism in an Extensional Framework

Session B, Aula 6 – Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind
16:30-17:15    Giacomo Melis (Northern Institute of Philosophy, Aberdeen), Understanding Undermining Defeat
17:15-18:00    Takuya Niikawa (Hokkaido University, Sapporo), Naive Realism and Demonstrative Thought

Tuesday 17th September 2013
Aula Motzo, first floor

9:30-10:45    Logic - Keynote speaker: J.C. Beall (University of Connecticut & University of Aberdeen), The Knower Paradox as Spandrel of Truth

10:45-11:15    Coffee break

Session A, Aula Motzo – Logic and Philosophy of Science   
11:15-12:00    Fabio Corpina (University of Cagliari), The Ancient Master Argument and Two Examples of Contemporary Tense Logic
12:00-12:45    Laura Celani (University of St. Andrews), Epistemic Paradoxes and Bridge Principles

Session B, Aula 6 – Philosophy of Language and Metaphysics
11:15-12:00    Giulia Felappi (King’s College, London), Propositional Attitudes and Deferred Reference
12:00-12:45    Samuele Iaquinto (University of Milan), On the Semantic Evaluation in Gettier Cases

12:45-14:45    Lunch

14:45-16:00    Mind - Keynote speaker: Sarah Sawyer (University of Sussex), Minds and Morals

16:00-16:30    Coffee break

Session A, Aula Motzo – Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind
16:30-17:15    Davide Costa (University of Turin), Is Loar’s Case a Threat for Social Externalism?
17:15-18:00    Gabriele Ferretti (University of Urbino), Externalism, Enactive Approach and Canonic Neurons

Session B, Aula 6 – Logic and Philosophy of Science
16:30-17:15    Gaetano Albergo (University of Catania), There is no Such a Thing as A Priori Knowledge that is Certain Knowledge of Incompatibilities
17:15-18:00    Filippo Ferrari (Northern Institute of Philosophy, Aberdeen), The Value of Deflationary Truth

21:00        Social Dinner

Wednesday 18th September 2013

Session A, Aula Motzo – Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind
9:30-10:15    Sumesh Mk (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay), When the Push of Derivations Come to the Shove of Representations: a Case for Derivational Framework of Cognition
10:15-11:00    Susana Monsò (UNED, Madrid), Does Empathy Require a Theory of Mind?

Session B, Aula 6 – Logic and Philosophy of Science
9:30-10:15    Andreas Fjellstad (Northern Institute of Philosophy, Aberdeen), Tonking Around: An Exercise in Conceptual Economy
10:15-11:00    Vasil Penchev (Institute for Philosophical Research, Sofia), Quantum Computer on a Turing Machine

11:00-11:30    Coffee break

Session A, Aula Motzo – Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind
11:30-12:15    Francesco Marchi (Ruhr Universität Bochum), Top-down Processes in Visual Object Perception: an Extended Version of the Intermediate Level Hypothesis
Session B, Aula 6 – Logic and Philosophy of Science
11:30-12:15    Emilia Barile (Università San Raffaele, Milan), The Puzzling Concept of “Representation” in Neuroscience

12:15-12:30    Greetings

Scientific Committee:

Cristina Amoretti
Carla Bagnoli
Massimiliano Carrara
Mario De Caro
Massimo Dell’Utri 
Michele Di Francesco
Francesca Ervas
Marco Giunti
Roberto Giuntini
Elisabetta Gola
Simone Gozzano
Alison Hall
Guy Longworth
Josep Macià
Cristina Meini
Francesco Paoli
Adriana Silva Graça
Isidora Stojanovic
Pietro Storari
Chiara Testino
Jesus Vega Encabo

Organising Committee:

Cristina Amoretti
Francesca Ervas
Valentina Favrin
José Gil Férez
Antonio Ledda
Maria Grazia Rossi
Giuseppe Sergioli
Giuliano Vivanet

Further Information:

In addition to the SIFA, the conference is supported by the Department of Pedagogy, Psychology, Philosophy, the Doctoral Program in History, Philosophy and Didactics of Science, the research groups “Linguisticamente” and “ALoPHiS” of the University of Cagliari. 

The organisers hope to be able to provide selected speakers with support for meals or accommodation in Cagliari, but encourage participants to apply for travel bursaries etc. from their home institutions, and will be happy to provide accreditation to the conference in support of such applications. 

For further information, please contact [email protected] or visit the website at

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