The Formats of Vision and Thought

May 5, 2022 - May 6, 2022
Department of Philosophy and Centre for Vision Research, York University

1214 Queen St W
Toronto M6J 1J6

This will be an accessible event, including organized related activities


  • Vision: Science to Applications (VISTA)


New York University
Rutgers University - New Brunswick
Rutgers - New Brunswick
University of Southern California
York University
Rutgers - New Brunswick


York University
University of Southern California
York University

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Seeing and thinking are information-processing activities. What are the forms in which visual and cognitive information are coded? This question is of immense interest for both psychological research into the processes underlying vision and thinking and for philosophical investigation into the nature of mind and knowledge. This Workshop brings together the foremost theorists on this issue.

This workshop will be held in-person. It will also be streamed via Zoom (link after registration).


  • Mariela Aguilera (CONICET)
  • Ned Block (NYU)
  • Elisabeth Camp (Rutgers)
  • Susan Carey (Harvard)
  • Sam Clarke (Penn)
  • Kevin Lande (York)
  • Jake Quilty-Dunn (Wash. U.)


  • Zed Adams (The New School)
  • Lance Balthazar (York)
  • Ali Boyle (Cambridge)
  • Rosa Cao (Stanford)
  • Gabriel Greenberg (UCLA)
  • Bill Kowalsky (York)
  • Jessie Munton (Cambridge)

For more information, and to register to attend either in person or via Zoom, visit: [Limited availability, please RSVP early]

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April 15, 2022, 9:00am EST

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