Locating Subjectivity in the study of Consciousness

April 23, 2022

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Southern Methodist University
Australian National University


Ashoka University

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Event Abstract: A major challenge in explaining consciousness has to do with taking on the issue of subjectivity. It is widely agreed that conscious experience is subjective in some way. Subjectivity of conscious experience adds to the elusiveness of finding an explanation for consciousness — it is what is (supposedly) left unexplained in Physicalist accounts of consciousness, and it is what (supposedly) allows for a strong case for Dualist accounts of consciousness. Nevertheless, there is no consensus on what exactly is meant by subjectivity in this context as various philosophers have differences in the way they conceptualize this subjectivity. It would be reasonable to assume that building a consensus on this aspect of consciousness might prove beneficial for the endeavor of finding an explanation for consciousness. This workshop is aimed at bringing various perspectives on the topic, and to hopefully initiate a discussion about the same. The workshop will consist of a series of individual talks by prominent philosophers on the topics of Introspection, Self, and Perception which are at the heart of issues pertaining to the subjectivity of conscious experience. 

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April 23, 2022, 9:00pm IST

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