From Philosophy of m/Madness to m/Mad Philosophy

September 25, 2024 - September 26, 2024
Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford

Mansfield College
Oxford OX13TF
United Kingdom

This will be an accessible event, including organized related activities


  • Mansfield College, Oxford


Hunter College (CUNY)
Umeå University
Oxford University
University of Manchester
Birkbeck College
University of Leeds
Spelman College


Oxford University

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The conference will explore what it means to think m/Madness philosophically. The title reflects our interest in 'madness'  as both a speculative (lower case 'm') and a practical/political (upper case 'M') term. Furthermore, it reflects our interest in the different ways in which m/Madness might be approached - either as an object of philosphical attention (with 'of' conceived as the objective genitive) or as a place from which philosophy might be done (with 'of' conceived as the subjective genitive).

Attendance is free, but registration (via email to: [email protected]) is required.

(schedule to be announced later)

Zsuzsanna Chappell (King’s College, London)
Mad philosophy and Madness as political identity

Lorna Collins (Independent Scholar)
A creative transformation: Reflections on the brain, trauma, mental health and creativity

Justin Garson (CUNY – Hunter College)
The madness of delusions: Is it time to drop the D-word?

Sofia Jeppsson (Umeå University)
Madness, transcendental arguments, and alternate realities

Paul Lodge (University of Oxford)
Method from m/Madness: The case against 'phenomenological psychopathologists'

Alastair Morgan (University of Manchester)
What might it mean to affirm madness?

Mohammed Rashed (King’s College, London)
Understanding madness: Personal, cultural, and philosophical sccounts 

Tasia Scrutton (University of Leeds)
Do altered brain states open our minds to God?

Shay Welch (Spelman College)
Demanding a shift from 'about psychopathology' to 'from the mad' 

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September 13, 2024, 9:00am BST

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