CFP: Summer School CeSPeC 2019 - Sguardi Connessi. Vedere, immaginare, agire nello spazio digitale

Submission deadline: August 10, 2019

Conference date(s):
September 10, 2019 - September 14, 2019

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Conference Venue:

Università degli Studi di Torino
Cuneo, Italy

Topic areas


Online Gazes

Vision, Imagination and Action in Digital Space

Summer School CeSPeC 2019

Cuneo – Alba – Savigliano – Mondovì (10-14 September 2019)

Call for Registration – Call for Abstracts

1.      Scolarships

Applications for the CeSPeC Summer School 2019 are open.

Our research Centre offers both undergraduates and postgraduates the chance to apply for scholarships. Scholarships are dispensed in the form of a partial reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses incurred to participate in the Summer School. Recipients of the scholarships will have to attend to the whole four days event in order to be eligible for the scholarship. Taking part in the panel organised on the 15th of September is not mandatory. The trip from Cuneo to Savigliano and the lunch in Savigliano on the 14th of September are organised and offered by CeSPeC.

The Summer School is open to all those interested, and especially to undergraduates, postgraduates (such as PhD students and Post-Docs), and scholars specialised in the following disciplines: philosophy, sociology, anthropology, law, religious studies, modern and contemporary history, science and technology.

The selected candidates shall benefit of the following contribute:


Amount (€)

Province of Cuneo


Piedmont (outside of Cuneo)


Other Italian regions


Foreign Countries


Please note that the amount shall be calculated on the basis of the fiscal residence, rather than the domicile.

2.      Forms

As part of the application form you will need to send by e-mail the following documents or information:

a) Curriculum Vitae (CV);

b) Personal statement: a short written statement (up to 2000 characters) outlining the reason(s) for taking part in the Summer School, and what you hope to gain from the Summer School programme;

c) Personal data and contacts (e-mail address and phone number).

Applications must be sent by the 10th of August 2019. You will receive communication about the decision within 20 days after the application deadline.

Selected applicants will have to register one hour before the first panel of the Summer School at the ex-Mater Amabilis University branch (Via Ferraris di Celle, 2 – Cuneo).

3.      Call for papers

During the Summer School one panel will be dedicated to the presentation and discussion of proposals by the scholarship recipients (up to 20 minutes each), dealing with the main theme. The proposals will be selected by the CeSPeC research group and will be published after the event.

Applicants who are interested in delivering a presentation must send, along with their application form, the abstract-form attached to this announcement duly completed within the 10th of August 2019. A maximum of 8 abstracts will be selected.

Please note that the presentation is not compulsory. It is therefore possible to apply:

1) For a scholarship only;

2) For a scholarship and the presentation.

It is not possible to apply solely for a presentation.

This year there will be a workshop with Prof. Mauro Carbone. Some students will be selected as discussants and will be invited to read some short essays by the author.

Those who want to take part in the Summer School with their own paper are invited to check section 5 for the list of the topics. Proposals that are consistent with one or more sessions will be selected.

4.      How to apply

Applications will be evaluated by a commission, chosen by the organization committee.

Applications sent via telefax or via traditional mail will not be considered. Please note that no hard copies of documents will have to be submitted along with the application.

Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Applications must be addressed to the CeSPeC’s administrative office, at the following e-mail address: (confirm option is suggested).

5.      Subject

The topic of this edition will be the relationship between visual culture and digital technologies. More specifically, the school will address the problem of the specific nature of digital images, and of their role for culture and philosophy in general. The focus will be on three particular questions:

a)      The ontology of digital images.

b)      The anthropology of digital images, and their significance for human condition in general.

c)      The incidence of digital images for the constitution of public space.

We welcome proposals addressing – among the others – the following specific topics:

·         The history of digital images, or a comparative approach to the analysis of digital images with respects to analog images.

·         Digital art and its history.

·         Portraits, with particular references to selfies and to digital representation of the self.

·         Digital graphic interfaces and their role for the constitution of our technological society.

·         Maps, orientation and geographical representation in the age of digital media.

·         Social imaginaries and the role of images in the public space.

·         The educational character of digital images.

6.      Programme

The full programme of the Summer School can be viewed at this link.

Supporting material

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