CFA: Inconsistency in Factual Science

Submission deadline: November 1, 2019

Conference date(s):
December 10, 2019

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Conference Venue:

Brazilian Academy of Philosophy
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Topic areas


In this workshop we discuss the problem that inconsistency poses to factual/empirical science, and what would it mean to accept inconsistent science. We are interested in submissions studying the relation between inconsistency and factual science, either conceptually or from case studies, including but not restricted to the following topics:

- Historical or logical studies of (alleged) inconsistencies in factual theories, or technology, or formal science with applications to factual science

- Types of inconsistency in factual science

- Belief revision from empirical data

- Inconsistencies in empirical data

- The possibility of believing in two mutually inconsistent factual theories (e.g. QM and GTR)

- Cognitive dissonance in scientific practice

- The underlying logic of scientific practice

- The logical possibility of inconsistent factual theories

- The problem of testing inconsistent factual theories

- Acceptance and rejection of inconsistent factual theories

- The (in)consistency of the real world

- Inconsistent scientific ontologies

Send a one page abstract to by November 1st, 2019 with subject creativity:abstract. Indicate your name, title of the contribution and affiliation in the email body. Answers to proposals are going to be given within three days after submission.

Abstracts are welcome in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French, which are the official languages of the event. However, abstracts in German and Italian are also welcome in the evaluation phase, provided the final abstract and lecture are in any of the official languages, preferably in English.

Try to apply as soon as possible in order to pay a lower registration price.

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