Monsoon Ashoka Philosophy Festival

November 27, 2021

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Indiana University, Bloomington
Azim Premji University
Ashoka University
Ashoka University (Sonipat, India)
Ashoka University
Ashoka University


Ashoka University (Sonipat, India)

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In this event, four of Ashoka's philosophy faculty members provide insight into some of their current research. There will be comments and Q&A for each talk. The event is open to all, but kindly register on this website.

Zoom link (live from 3:45 pm):

3:55 pm: Welcome address (Raja Rosenhagen)

4:00-4:25 pm: Dimitry Shevchenko: “The Indefinite in Phenomenal Experience” [Indian/Cross-Cultural Philosophy]

4:25-4:35 pm: comments [tba]

4:35-4:55 pm: Q & A

5:00-5:25 pm: Kathleen Harbin: “Beyond the Ignorance vs. Desire Debate: Aristotle's Novel Account of Akrasia" [Ancient Philosophy]

5:25-5:35 pm: comments by Aditi Chaturvedi (Azim Premji University)

5:35-5:55 pm: Q & A

6:00-6:25 pm: Raja Rosenhagen: “Anekāntavāda & the Hypothetical Given: two peas in a pod?” [Cross-Cultural Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind]

6:25-6:35 pm: comments [tba]

6:35-6:55 pm: Q & A

7:00-7:25 pm: Eric Snyder: “New Arguments Against Carey's Bootstrapping Hypothesis” [Philosophy of Mathematics]

7:25-7:35 pmcomments by Sharon Berry (Ashoka)

7:35-7:55 pm: Q & A

7:55 pm: Wrap-up (Raja Rosenhagen)

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November 27, 2021, 2:00pm IST

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