St. Louis Annual Conference on Reasons and Rationality (SLACRR 4)

May 19, 2013 - May 21, 2013
University of Missouri St. Louis

Moonrise Hotel
Saint Louis
United States

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Michael Smith
Princeton University

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St. Louis Annual Conference on Reasons and Rationality provides a forum for new work on practical and theoretical reason, broadly construed.


Sunday, May 19

Keynote Address:  Michael Smith (Princeton)

Monday, May 20

Chrisoula Andreou (Utah)

            Temptations, Resolutions, and Regret

            Chair: Rima Basu (USC)

Matthew Hanser (UCSB)

            Doing Another’s Bidding

            Chair: Jennifer Morton (CCNY)

Michael Huemer (Colorado)

            An Ontological Proof of Moral Realism

            Chair: Katia Vavova (Mt. Holyoke)

Antti Kauppinen (Trinity College Dublin)

            Oughts First

            Chair: Barry Maguire (Princeton)

Conor McHugh and Jonathan Way (Southampton)

            Fittingness First

            Chair: Daniel Fogal (NYU)

Tuesday, May 21


Sarah Paul (Wisconsin)

            Doxastic Self-Control

            Chair: Lindsay Crawford (UC-Berkeley)           

Andrew Reisner (McGill)

            Rationality, Agency, and the Enkratic Principle

            Chair: Kelly Heuer (Georgetown)

Ernest Sosa and Kurt Sylvan (Rutgers)

            The Place of Reasons in Epistemology

            Chair: John Greco (SLU)

Paulina Sliwa (Cambridge)

            Moral Worth and Acting from Moral Knowledge

            Chair: Elizabeth Harman (Princeton)

Bart Streumer (Reading)

            Reasons and Ability

            Chair: Samuel Asarnow (Stanford)

Further questions can be directed to either John Brunero ([email protected]) or Eric Wiland ([email protected]).

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May 19, 2013, 10:00am CST

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