CFP: Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World, Annual Conference

Submission deadline: February 28, 2022

Conference date(s):
July 9, 2022 - July 13, 2022

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Conference Venue:

YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, CO
Estes Park, United States


UPDATE: The submission deadline has been extended to March 7 due to some problems with the Google Form Submission link. If you have submitted a paper by attaching a document, rather than cutting and pasting text into the submission form, please contact Christian Matheis asap at [email protected]

We invite submissions for the annual meeting of the Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World (SPCW) to be held July 9th-13th, 2022, at YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, CO. Of particular interest are papers that engage with this year’s theme: Boundaries of Philosophy, but we welcome and encourage papers on any topic related to philosophy in the contemporary world, broadly construed. 

Conference Theme: Boundaries of Philosophy
SPCW seeks to provide a forum for new areas of research in philosophy, and we aim to build a community of scholars who provide supportive feedback and constructive criticism.

We welcome papers on all topics, from any philosophical tradition. SPCW is especially interested in supporting individuals from historically underrepresented and marginalized backgrounds, as well as anyone working to expand the scope and quality of philosophical discourses. In addition to traditional papers and presentations, SPCW welcomes diverse formats such as spoken word, script readings, performances, and other approaches that invite and broaden philosophical reflection. Furthermore, we welcome the camaraderie of graduate students, nontraditional philosophers, and thinkers from other disciplines or with non-philosophical specializations. Simply put, we seek to foster productive philosophical exchange in a constructive environment. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: 

  • Exemplars, counterexamples, and boundaries of philosophy: what's in, what's out, and why?  

  • Boundary policing in philosophical discourse: Is everything philosophy? Is everyone a philosopher? 

  • Philosophical methods, conceptual engineering, non-traditional methodologies

  • Irrationality and value plurality in human flourishing

  • The importance of trust: science, government, expertise, citizenship

  • Misinformation and exploitation

  • COVID, vaccination, and mandates 

  • Roe v. Wade, immigration, white supremacy

  • Philosophy of nonhuman animals

  • Aging: phenomenology, ethics of care, loneliness, life satisfaction

  • Climate change and the environment, becoming ecologically inclusive, interdependence

  • Censorship, privacy, and confidentiality in the 21st Century

  • Targeted advertising, AI, systems theory, technology, social media

  • Critical race theory

  • Economics, capitalism, neoliberalism, states’ rights, regulatory power, corruption 

  • Performance and consciousness in music, sport, and/or art

  • Intoxication, numbness, ghosting 

  • Education: virtual vs. onsite learning, parental rights, goals and methods 

  • Ideological fundamentalisms, populism, politics

  • Altruism and empathy

  • Assessing bias and prejudice: failures, successes, future directions, conflicts of interest

  • Being at home in the world: interpersonally, socially, spiritually

  • Global citizenship and/or global human rights

  • Racial justice, anti-racism, and liberatory intersections

  • Tolerance: moral virtue and political necessity

  • Accountability, reparations, and the philosophy of healing

Conference Submission

Abstract submissions should be approx. 500 words and are due by March 7th, 2022. Abstracts for traditional papers and presentations should provide a substantial overview of the details of the final presentation. Abstracts for diverse format presentations and creative proposals should also include a brief description of the proposed format. Papers should be prepared for 20-30 minute presentations, followed by Q&A. 

All submissions are circulated for anonymous peer review. Please remove all identifying information from the submission. To submit your abstract, use the link below and complete the form.   

  • SPCW Submission Form:  

Authors will be notified by March 18, 2022.

Note to graduate students: SPCW considers all accepted graduate-student papers for the annual Joe Frank Jones III Memorial Award for the best graduate-student submission. The award includes a special mention in the program, a permanent listing on the SPCW website, and a $500 cash prize.

For more information please contact the Program Committee: 

Conference Participation and Logistics

Conference registration costs include one year of membership with SPCW as well as online subscription access toJournal of Philosophy in the Contemporary World.

Registration Fees

For presenters, registration fees will be due by April 22, and additional information will be sent to individuals who are invited to present at the meeting.

  • Faculty: $130 per person

  • Students and Independent Scholars (no institutional affiliation/support): $40 per person

  • Fee waivers and adjustments: if you would like to request a reduced or waived registration fee for reasons related to income and financial circumstances please contact Christian Matheis [email protected] these will be considered on a case by case basis.

Philosophy in Community

Pursuant to the goals of SPCW, the conference program will offer equal attention to all participants. Included in conference arrangements are opportunities to combine serious professional activities with recreation—as a conference group, alone, and with family and friends. Recreational activities often include organized hikes, cultural or historical trips, and evening events. We will select, whenever possible, conference sites that enable participants to take meals together in a dining commons where they can be joined by friends and family members. Therefore, those attending and participating in the conference are encouraged to take an active part in as much of the conference program as possible. 

Questions about the conference site, lodging, registration and other details should be sent to Christian Matheis at [email protected] 

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